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Hi there!  Mike and I would like to introduce ourselves to everyone.  I have been involved with horses since I was 6 years old.  I had one grandfather who was a teamster and one who was a blacksmith, so of course I learned all of the old time stuff they  could teach me.  After I grew up, I moved on to contesting, which led to breeding, which led to showing halter and pleasure, etc,,  My very first attempt at breeding resulted in living twin foals from our Appaloosa mare.  Mike hasn't been involved in horses quite as long as me, but he has been a farmer his whole life.  We have ran a canoe livery and a trail riding business, which we decided was too much work as we got older, so  we switched from geldings to mares and bought our stallion.


Friesians Friesians Friesians!!!

We  decided to raise Friesian Sporthorses, to breed quality crossbred mares to the best stallion we could find.  So we bought our first four mares...then came Vorn, then more mares!  We choose our mares not only for their conformation and Friesian traits, but for their attitudes as well.  Hence, we have quite a selection of mares and crosses, each a sweetheart of a mare.  Vorn also is a sweetheart, kind and loving.  All of our foals will be registered and DNA verified through the Friesian Heritage Horse Association, all will be micro-chipped with a USEF/FEI approved chip.  We handle our babies every day, teaching them to trust their human partners.  They are exposed to a variety of things, from tarps, to hula hoops, to farm equipment.


We love our babies!

If you are in the market for a Friesian Sporthorse, look no further.  Our foals will fit anyone's needs.  Some will excel at dressage, some could be hunter/jumpers; all will be well started in life to go in any direction you choose.  Call or email and let us help you decide which foal fits your needs the best. 

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