Our sporthorse mares pg 1

Witten Creek Daisy


Daisy is a daughter of Edison f/t Friesian Connection and out of a Percheron mare. Edison is a son of Mintse 384 and out of a Onne 376 mare.  Daisy is a BIG girl, standing 17.1 hh, and weighing well over 1700 pounds.  She is the calmest mare on the farm, never in a hurry or never gets excited.  Daisy is broke to drive.  She is high in the pecking order, but never mean about it.  

Gibby's My Girl


Gibby is one of our most Friesian-y looking mares.  She has a beautiful head and neck, along with a most loving personality.  Gibby is a daughter of Mintse f/t Friesian Connection and out of a Morgan mare.  Mintse is a son of Ouke 313 and out of a daughter of the fabulous Leffert 306.  Gibby rides and drives.  She stand 16 hands and weighs in at over 1500 lbs.  Gibby produces very classy, elegant foals.  

Lady's Blue Girl


Lady is the  tallest of our mares, standing 17.2hh.  She is a striking blue roan, inherited from her Percheron mother.  Her sire is Weibren fan F.C., by Ouke 313 and out of a mare by Krist 358.  Lady is vey upright and has a lovely trot.  She is the top of the pecking order, but doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  We are so hoping for a blue roan out of her and Vorn!!  Lady is bred to Vorn for a 2020 foal.  Lady is five panel negative, as well as being negative for hydrocephalus and dwarfism.  

Mintse's Bella


My beautiful Bella!  Bella is a standout in a herd of standouts.  They all love attention, but none more than Bella.  from being groomed, to just scratchies, she is all for it.  Bella is a daughter of Mintse f/t Friesian Connection and out of a standardbred mare.  She is one serious driving horse.  She is absolutely fearless of machinery and most things, a trait which she passed on to last years' foal, Aspen.  She also passes on that kind and loving disposition to her offspring. 

Witten Creek Gypsy


Gypsy is a herd favorite.  Everybody gets along with Gypsy.  Gypsy is one of our two non-Friesian mares.  She is registered with the Heritage division of the Gypsy Horse Association,. Gypsy is a daughter of the lovely Gypsy stallion, The Royal Tinker Commanche and  out of the Percheron mare,Stone's Maggie.   She presented us with Vorn's very first Friesian Sporthorse offspring on Saturday, March 23, 2019, an absolutely gorgeous black and white  rabicano colt, Witten Creek Romeo.  Gypsy is a tank of a mare, with beautiful feathering and a wavy mane.  She is proving to be an excellent mother and showing little Romeo some show-stopping moves!

Tineke’s Pride “Ster” (Goeffert 369 x Jildert 299)


Tineke is our purebred Friesian mare.  She stand 16.2 and is a kind and lovable mare.  She will be bred to Vorn for a 2021 foal.  Tineke is a daughter of Goeffert 369 and out of a Jildert 299 mare.  Tineke was awarded her "Ster" in 2016.  Tineke is broke to ride.  We are very excited to see her foal from Vorn!