2019 Foals

Witten Creek Romeo (SOLD)


Romeo was born on 3-23-19.  Out of Gypsy and by Vorn, he is stunning.  Romeo is a total lovebug, always in your back pocket, wanting scratchies.  He is sure to get you noticed in the showpen with that gorgeous upright build and black and white rabicano coat.  

Update july 27, 2019  Romeo is four months old and weighs in at 485 lbs and stands 52" tall.  He is registered as 50% Friesian.


Witten Creek Gracie (Sale pending)


Gracie was foaled on 4-5-19.  Her dam is Reba, her sire is Vorn.  Gracie is a big girl, standing 42 inches tall at birth.  Gracie is built very correct, very upright and loves people.  She is already our little star.  

Update Oct 14, 2019  At 6 months, Gracie stand 57" tall and weighs an incredible 755 lbs  She is going to be a big girl!  Gracie is registered 75% Friesian.  Weaned and ready to go.  Gracie is wearing the driving harness and beginning to line drive, she crosses caveletti and has been saddled.


Witten Creek Angelita (SOLD)


Less than 5 hours after Gracie was born, along came Angel.  Angel is as well named as Romeo.  She is a total sweetheart.  Angel is a daughter of Vorn also, her mother is Daisy.  Angel is registered as a 75% Friesian with the FHH.  She stood 40 inches tall at birth and will be a big girl like her momma! 

Update 10/14/19  Angel weighs 675 lbs and stands approx 54" tall.  Angel is weaned and ready to gol  She is wearing the driving  harness and line driving nicely.  She ground ties and stands tied.   She has been saddled. Angel stands for the farrier.

Angel is a perfect match for Gracie.  We even have difficulty telling them apart.  What a gorgeous carriage team they would be!  $6500

Witten Creek Dixie Rebel ......SOLD!!!


Rebel was born on 4-19-19.  His momma is Dixie and sire is Vorn.  He is a gorgeous little boy, with the same build that Vorn has put on all his babies.  Rebel is registered  75% Friesian. 

Update July 27.  Rebel is very Friesian-y!  He has the most feathers of any of the babies so far.  He also loves attention, but isn't pushy about wanting it.  A  very laid back boy! $5500  

Update Aug 30.. Rebel is SOLD!!!

Witten Creek Whisper


Meet Whisper!  She was foaled May 16. 2019.  A daughter of Vorn, her mother is our Friesian Standardbred cross mare, Bella.  Whisper is very leggy and upright, with a deep heart girth.  She loves people!  Whisper is going to be one elegant lady!  She is registered as 75 % Friesian. 

Update July 27, 2019  Whisper is growing into a big girl!  At two months she is cleaning up her feed twice a day and growing fast.  She will be big enough to be a surrey horse and elegant enough to do anything else.

Update 9/19/19 .. Whisper weighs 505 lbs and is quite tall for her age.  


Witten Creek Raven (SOLD)


Here is Raven !  She was also born on May 16, 2019.  Raven is a daughter of the Friesian Stallion Gerryt SF, (Mintse 384 x Tsjerk 328 and out of our Friesian Shire mare Beauty..(Michelangelo P x Friesian/Shire mare).  Raven is the most athletic filly we have ever seen.  By a week old, she was doing aerobatics like a Lippizan!  Plus a sweet and loving nature. She will be registered as 75 % Friesian.  She  is as Classy as they come!  

Update July 27, 2019  Raven is turning into one beautiful girl.  She has the trot you want and could go in any direction you chose!

Update 9/19/19.. Raven weighs 455 lbs