Our Friesian Sporthorse Mares pg 2

WCF Black Beauty


Beauty ...a great name for this mare.  Beauty is a FHH registered daughter of the spectacular Michelangelo P Ster..(Tsjerk 328 X Ulke 338) and out of a Friesian-Shire cross mare.  Beauty has heavy bone and muscling,.. along with tons of feather and mane and tail.  She stands approximately 16 hands.  She also is registered with the Friesian Sporthorse Registry.  

Warbonnet Justice (The Spot Broker x The Titan II


Bonnet is our newest mare. And what a sweetheart she is!  A gorgeous babydoll head, a kind and gentle disposition and very correct conformation.  She stands 15.3 and weighs 1250 lbs currently.  She is the total package!  And those spots!!   Originally imported from Canada, we traveled to northwestern New York to find her.   Bonnet is five panel negative and carries one LP gene and one PATN1 gene.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a spotted baby!

French Creme Frosty


Frosty is our only AQHA registered mare. Frosty is a Perlino, she will produce a colored foal, some shade of buckskin!!  And talk about bloodlines,,Frosty can trace her pedigree to most of the great foundation Quarter horses, especially the running bred ones.  Frosty is a granddaughter of PC Bronsin ( a Sun Frost son).  We have traced to her pedigree to Three Bars, Depth Charge, Top Deck, Wimpy, King, Silver King, War Admiral and Native Dancer, as well as the Hancock horses and Leo and Joe Reed.  She may well produce a Friesian sporthorse barrel horse!!  She has a lovely floaty trot and a quite high head and neck carriage.  She should produce a gorgeous foal next spring from Vorn.
We have had Frosty color paneled.  She will always produce a buckskin foal, with a 50% chance of it being gray also.  Wow!

Witten Creek Reba


Reba, my choice for queen of the farm!!  Standing a full 16.3, Reba weighs almost 1700 pounds.  She is very classy, and like the rest of our mares, very kind and loving.  She has heavy bone and loads of mane and tail, as well as feathers.  

Witten Creek Maggie


Maggie is our only Clydesdale cross mare. We purchased her in spring of 2018,, bred to a Gypsy Vanner stallion.  Maggie stands 16 hh and weighs over 1800 lbs.  She inherited the heavy bone from her Clydesdale parent, as well as tons of feathers and a heavy mane.  H



All of our babies will be registered and DNA verified with the Friesian Heritage horse and Sport horse International Association.  They will be micro- chipped with a USEF/FEI approved chip.  We imprint at birth and handle our babies daily.  We love to work with the foals and try to give them the best start possible in life.  



Krystal is our new giant Spotted Draft mare.    She stands over 18hh.  Krystal was pretty thin when we purchased her, but she is filling out now.  She is homozygous for the tobiano gene.  If you are looking for a BIG! spotted Friesian cross, better check out this coming foal!  She will be bred to Vorn for a 2021 foal. 

Starlily and Jeannie


Lily is our dappled gray registered Percheron.  Jeannie is her teammate.  Lily is 17.3 hh and weighs over 1700 lbs.  Jeannie is 16.3.  Lily is homozygous for the gray gene.  They will be bred to Vorn for a 2021 foal.